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Animal Communication and Spirit Animal Readings
Days of Service
By appointment only at this time.

$125.00 for one hour
$75.00 for a half hour 

Email readings are priced at the half hour only, minimum. Example, 15 minutes of writing or reading emails will be treated as a half hour price of 75.00.   

There are no extra charges for multiple pets from the same household, with a few stipulations.  (Example: I will not rush 20 into a half hour to save money. This can get stressful for myself and the animals if there are too many trying to communicate at once. And some take more time to come forward, just like people.) Other questions, please inquire.

Travel Expenses:
If travel is necessary, there is a $1.00 per mile when driving. Flying or extended travel is subject to additional fees. If the readings are extended beyond a 6 hour period of time, this may require a lodging fee. Please inquire as it depends on when and where.  

Additional Information:
I prefer to have a picture of the animal to begin with. Name, approximate age and picture is all that is required. If meeting the animal in person is further required, we will discuss that as needed. Animals staying in their environment are easier and less complicated to read. If taken to a new place cats will sometimes shut down completely, dogs are so busy taking in the sights and sounds of the new surroundings it is difficult to get them talking about anything else. They do eventually but that time is reading time. Horses could be stressed at home or out and about. So every animal is different but most do better with just a photo. 

Lost Animals:

1st Consultation is Free. (15-20 minutes) If my information helps in any way my payment should be in the form of a donation to your local shelter. If more readings are needed, after the initial consult, it reverts to half my normal reading fees. Half fees would be 37.50 for each half hour, minimum of a half hour.

No guarantees and the following are the reasons as lost pets are very difficult.

Lost pets are difficult for several reasons. As much as you would never want to believe it, some pets (regardless of their love for you) feel a need to leave and block themselves from being found. Their reasons are their reasons. One other problem that arises with lost pets is, of course, death (which could delay any help at all until they are able to communicate from the other side). Finally, when animals communicate from a place that is unfamiliar to them or even somewhere close sometimes, they communicate the same way as always, through pictures and feelings. So they are unable to tell me what road signs they see, even color is difficult as some are colorblind or see color differently than we do, but they can show me a gravel road or a paved road. They can give what they see but grass, fields, and water (unless still or flowing) doesn’t help much. Also when they are fearful, adrenaline can mask how hurt they actually are and even if initially get something from them it can suddenly be blocked by a shut down due to fear and/or injury. Sometimes if it’s an older animal that is lost, they can get so stressed it seems like talking with an animal with senility and this makes it very difficult.

Good news is generally when they are with someone, that can usually be picked up and helps a great deal. It is sometimes easy, but most often, it is not. It takes patience and time sometimes to get even the tiniest of clues.

This information is for any that seek help with a lost pet knowing what they should consider before seeking help. It takes working together to put together a puzzle sometimes. But I am here to help. So send me an email and we’ll do the best we can together.  

Service Description

Animal Communication
As an animal communicator, Joan:

  • assists in finding lost pets if they feel they need or want to be found.
  • translates information from the past lives of animals.
  • offers empathic intuitive medical advice.
  • serves as a voice between people and their animal companions.
  • teaches others to discover and harness the animal communicating abilities within us all.
  • helps clients understand the basis for emotional and behavioral issues experienced by their animal companions.
  • identifies Spirit Guides/Animals that are with other animals or people in the spirit realm.

Spirit Animal Readings
Spirit animals can be very powerful in our lives when we bring them into our consciousness and ask them for assistance. Joan will help you to find yours—sometimes she is even able to "see" them around you. 

Animal Communication Services by Joan Stokes

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